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CAPZFORBLACKZ is synonymous with streetwear. Besides a cap or a beanie inspired by New Era and the 59fifty cap from the USA, you will find plenty of interesting stuff to wear. Think of tops, longline t-shirts, a hoodie with prints on the back, jumpers, cardigans, a nice jacket.

Our stuff is quality and not rubbish. Our stuff is trendy and will look good on you. You will strengthen your personality with it. Our stuff is for colorful people who have something to say. You yourselves are followers of social trends, fashion, music, artists and performers.

CAPZFORBLACKZ is not just a clothing brand. CFB is a clothing brand with a message about respect and tolerance. When you wear CFB, you are saying that you understand the position of others. Whether they are different in colour. Whether they have a different gender. Whether they have a different origin. Whether they have a different mind. You are concerned about people and the environment. We ourselves are the same. We try to take mother earth into account as much as possible.

At the left top of the CFB logo you can see the warrior shield of the original East African tribes.
At the right top of the CFB logo the Cristo Redentor looking down on almost the most colorful Brazilian city in the world high above Rio de Janeiro.
At the left bottom of the CFB logo the famous clenched fist pointing to the sky which recently became the symbol of the black lives matter movement. But long before that it already became a symbol of liberation from all oppression.
At the right bottom of the CFB logo an Asian symbol against the restriction of free choice and free thought.

CAPZFORBLACKZs’ gear can be perfectly combined with other brands. Brands with which we feel related are… AE7, Black Bananas, AB lifestyle, Amicci, Under Armor, Adidas, Nike, Amstaff, Puma, Supderdry, Fred Perry, Converse, New Balance, Kenzo, Billabong, Daily Paper, New Originals, Patta.

CAPZFORBLACKZ started in the winter of 2021 and is basically as green as grass. All it has is a vision and a lot of enthusiasm. We try to avoid mistakes as much as possible, but when we do make them, we don’t do it consciously, and you can assume that we want to learn from them. Please forgive us.

CAPZFORBLACKZ invites like-minded start-ups, artists, fashion designers and musicians to contact us. To work together. To discover common goals. For example in the field of materials and sustainability. Or in discovering possibilities on the internet and in social media. Please contact us at

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