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Shipping, delivery, payment, returns

Shipping costs Netherlands
For consumers in the Netherlands, packages are free of shipping costs.

Shipping costs within the EUR1-zone.
For consumers in the EU1-zone parcels are free of shipping costs.
EUR1-zone: Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (incl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands), Sweden.

Shipping costs within the EUR2 zone.
For consumers in the EUR2 zone, parcels are free of shipping costs.
EUR2-zone: all other countries in Europe (excl. Russia).

Shipping costs Rest of World (ROW).
The shipping costs for consumers from the rest of the world depend in principle on the weight of the parcel to be sent. See an overview of the costs in the table below. The size of the contents is also important.

1 gram = 0,04 ounce
1 kilogram = 2,2 pounds

Our postal service does not deliver packages heavier than 20 kg in ROW. Therefore, orders weighing more than 20 kg will, in principle, be split into several parcels. The content of the order may also affect its possible distribution over several parcels.

ROW: Price increases for countries outside the EU (charges for customs clearance, import duties, VAT, international transfers, currency exchange risks).

You as a consumer/purchaser are responsible for these costs and for dealing with the official local authorities in general (and therefore also when buying products from us).

ROW: Clearing costs
Customs clearance costs are the costs your parcel deliverer incurs for his services in declaring your order to Customs. These costs are determined by each postal service.

ROW: Import duties
Import duties are levied by your country’s customs department in order to prevent distortion of competition by foreign producers or to protect their own internal market. Import duties are determined by each country. For the import duty surcharge percentages, product group tables may exist in your country. As an example, in the Netherlands in the year 2022 the percentage import duty surcharge on clothing varies from 0% to 12% and on shoes and boots it varies from 4% to 17%.

As a consumer in a non-EU country, you can buy our products at a zero rate of VAT. You will though then have to pay this VAT to the authorities in your own country at your country’s rates. For every country this will be different, but in the Netherlands you should calculate the VAT over the price of the goods (our invoice), over the shipping costs of your postal company, over the possible insurance costs and over the import duties. Here is an example table for an import into the Netherlands.


You buy a bag for € 199 (excl. local VAT) from a Chinese webshop.
The shipping costs are € 25.
The insurance costs are € 10.
You calculate the import duties on € 199 + € 25 + € 10 = € 234.
The import duties are 3% of € 234 = € 7.02.
You calculate the VAT over € 199 + € 25 + € 10 + € 7.02 = € 241.02.
The VAT is 21% over € 241.02 = € 50.61.
So you pay to Customs: € 7,02 + € 50,51 = € 57,63.
Your acquisition of product 199€ means out of the pocket € 256.63

Discounts have no effect on shipping costs:

The offeringprice of the product includes pre-calculated shipping costs. Discount percentages however refer to the bare offeringprice and not to the shipping costs that are pre-calculated. 

In other words discounts cannot lead to a discount price that is lower than the calculated shipping costs.

International bank transfers

When paying for a purchase from abroad, international transfer costs are incurred. You bear the costs for this.

Currency costs and exchange rate risks

We want to be paid in € for our products (including shipping and any insurance costs). You will bear the costs of buying the € with the currency of your own country. In addition, you should take into account that currency rates fluctuate from moment to moment. This can make your purchase of € more or less expensive. Please take this into account.

Payment for international orders

Besides IDEAL PayPal is basically the payment provider we offer for consumers who want to buy our products from abroad. PayPal is an easy and worldwide used payment method, for which you as a consumer need a credit card. If you do not have IDEAL and PAYPAL, the payment will have to be arranged in another way. In any case our principle is that receipt of payment is an absolute condition for delivery of products.

Delivery time

We are a small organisation. We strive to ship orders within 1 or 2 working days. From that period on in most cases the delivery time for orders from the Netherlands is one day later. For countries in the EUR1-zone and the EUR2-zone there may be one or two more working days. For ROW countries it depends furtheron on the local circumstances.


Should there be any defects in the article upon delivery, this must be reported on the day of receipt via email Our advice is to send a picture of the defect. Complaints that arise from normal use of an article can always be reported if there is photographic evidence. We will then make a judgement, and report back to you.

Returns within the Netherlands and the other countries of the EUR zone and EUR2 zone

Within two weeks after receipt of the order you may return the goods (or a part thereof) at your own expense without giving reasons. Please enclose the completed return form with the return shipment. If the goods are returned in good order and approved, we will endeavour to refund the purchase price within 3 weeks. The purchase money will be deducted from the possible costs of an international payment.

Returns from ROW countries (Rest Of World).

Within 2 weeks after receipt of the order you may return the goods (or part thereof) at your own expense without giving reasons. However, because of the extra costs involved in returning the goods, please inform us of your findings regarding the product delivered by us via our e-mail address It is possible that we will offer you a financial settlement with retention of the product.

Should it nevertheless come to a return of goods, please enclose the completed return form with the return shipment. If the goods are taken back in good order and have been approved, we shall endeavour to refund the purchase price within three weeks. The purchase money to be returned will be deducted from the costs of an international payment, the costs of customs clearance and the costs of transporting the products.

Return conditions

Our aim is that you are satisfied with everything you shop at If an article does not meet your expectations or does not fit, you can always return it (at your own expense and in the original packaging) within 14 days of receipt to the address below.


Pra Você Moda e Fashion
St. Janswal 6
6118BJ Nieuwstadt

Money back guarantee

For online orders, the payment for the item found to be not good will in principle be refunded if the return conditions are met. However, different rules apply for purchases in store or in a pop-up store or in a shop in a shop concept. In these cases you can only exchange products at those locations. In those cases, you will not receive a refund.

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