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We hope you feel this website is not too serious.
We aimed it to be a little bit crazy, playful, fun, young, cheerful and optimistic.

Clarifying the name CAPZFORBLACKZ.
The word “black” in association with people has a different meaning for every sole individual. The fact that we chose “CAPZFORBLACKZ” does not mean that we exclude any individual or any group of people. The subtitle “headwear and other gear for colorful people” indicates our intention that colorful people bring and ask for something extra, and that they are the main group we are targeting. On the other hand CAPZFORBLACKZ is not just a clothing brand. CFB is a brand with a message about respect and tolerance. When you wear CFB you are stating that you empathize with the position of others. We also take our fellow men and mother earth into account as much as possible.

At regular intervals we will post in this blog
About people and subjects we think are interesting for colorful people in a responsible and open minded way.

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